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At Red Mountain Little League, there is a basic set of equipment all players need to have.  The league will supply jerseys and hats.

Baseball Glove
The baseball glove is the most important piece of equipment for the player.  A standard baseball glove found at most sporting goods stores will be more than sufficient.  At the lower levels such as Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, and Rookie, the glove should be flexible and easy to open and close.  As the player develops, they will need a stronger glove that can withstand harder hit baseballs that come in the upper division.  There are some great sites out there that will help you find the right glove for your player's size and ability. 

For Pitcher's in Tournament Play, baseball gloves that have white or grey coloring (not pin stripes) cannot be used in tournaments (All Stars). 

Baseball Pants
Gray Baseball pants are the preferred color to keep all of our players in uniform colors. Baseball pants are important so that our players can be taught how to slide properly.  Wearing shorts is not recommended.

The baseball helmet is another key piece of equipment that is needed when the player bats.  It is recommended that every player have their own helmet for hygiene reasons.  Helmets can also be fitted with chin straps, face masks, and other protective features.  Using these are approved and are up to each family to decide what is right for their player. 

For 2018, Little League Baseball has adopted the new USA Baseball bat standard.  Starting January 1, 2018 all bats used in Little League Baseball must have the USA Baseball logo on them(the only exception are wood bats).  The old "Approved for Little League Baseball" labelled bats are NO LONGER AUTHORIZED AND YOUR PLAYER WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THEM.

Wood Bats without the USA Baseball logo are authorized for use in Little League.

Little League Baseball - USA Bat Standard FAQ -- This is where you can find the latest information on bats.
Protective Cup
For boys, this is another recommended piece of equipment at all age levels.  A protective cup is required for any player to play the catcher position.

Cleats and Spikes
Cleats or spikes are not a required piece of equipment at the Tee-Ball or Coach Pitch level.  As the player gets older and the game becomes faster and more athletic, cleats will help the player.  It is recommended that the player use baseball cleats/spikes and not those designed for other sports.  Cleats must be plastic.  Metal spikes are not authorized.

Catcher's Gear
At all levels, RMLL supplies each team with one set of Catcher's gear.  The only exception is the protective cup.  A player must wear a protective cup to play catcher at ALL levels. 

Does my player need their own set of Catcher's Gear?
This is a decision that typically gets made when a player develops an affinity for the Catcher's position.  If your player is at the Minors level and above and is committed to playing catcher, then it may be a good idea to get the player their own gear.  Having your own gear can give the player more confidence and make them more comfortable while playing.  Catcher's gear is expensive.   If you don't want to buy all of the gear at once, investing in the Catcher's Mitt and/or Mask are good initial investments.

First Baseman's Glove
Much like the catcher, once a player develops an affinity for first base they may want to get a first baseman's glove.  This is not a necessity, I would recommend waiting until they are at the Major's level before making this investment.  One thing to note, First Baseman's gloves typically are only made in Adult sizes so make sure your player's hand is large enough to use the glove properly.



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